As usual, yesterday (15th of October), the State Budget for 2015 was presented by the government. This should be at the centre of the public debate for the following weeks.

Of note is the goal of reducing the deficit to 2.7 per cent of GDP. This represents a revision to the initial goal of 2.5 per cent as defined in the Document for Budget Strategy for 2014-18 presented by the government last May.As highlighted by Paulo Trigo Pereira yesterday on SIC Notícias, this represents an approximation to what the IPP has defended in its first policy paper Portugal: Budget strategy for 2014-18, where a goal of 2.9 per cent was defended.

Other members of IPP have been contributing to the debate regarding the OE2015, such as Ricardo Cabral no Público ou Pedro Pita Barros in his personalblog. Do not miss: follow us on Facebook and follow the latest opinions of our members.

We believe that OE2015 is a historical moment.The fact that it has a “non excessive” deficit as its first goal, in conjunction with the pre-electoral climate that is already felt, we believe that it is particularly deserving of careful and critical consideration. The IPP will contribute in this respect, and part of our efforts include the new and improved edition of the Budget Watch, an annual initiative in partnership with ISEG, Deloitte, Expresso, and Público. This project aims to scrutinise the State Budget and features the participation of several eminent academics and businessmen.


Foto: José Sena Goulão / Lusa

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