Work in the digital age. Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In June 2018, “Work in the Digital Age. Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” book was published by the German think tank Das Progressive Zentrum, Policy Network and Foundations for European Progressive Studies.

The book brings together analyzes from more than 50 public policy professionals around the world, who discuss the effects of automation, stationary productivity, growing regional disparities, and increasing levels of inequality between and within countries.

As the digital revolution is unfolding it creates chances for boosting growth and productivity, thereby improving people’s lives. But it also brings with it significant political as well as social challenges and risks increasing inequality.

This book makes it possible to clarify these changes and address the challenges in order to create a constructive and informed debate. The responsible member for the analysis to the Portuguese economy was Joana Andrade Vicente, a research fellow of the Institute of Public Policy.

Here you can find the link to the book’s PDF (free), and it is also possible to buy it in bookstores.

Learn more about this on the Das Progressive Zentrum page and do not miss the article in the newspaper Público about it.

Joana Andrade Vicente

Executive Director