Asserting the future
Public policy for Portugal

A conference at the Gulbenkian Foundation, in Lisbon

IPP partnered with the Gulbenkian Foundation to organize the 2014 Gulbenkian Conference: Asserting the future – Public policy for Portugal. Two days of intense and stimulating discussion featuring contributions from citizens coming from different realms of social life, particularly from academia, business, the non-profit sector and government. Review the best moments above – mostly in Portuguese only. Sorry.


Mark Blyth ● Paul de Grauwe ● Ricardo Reis

Ana Sofia Ferreira ● António Bagão Félix ● António Figueiredo ● António José Teixeira ● Artur Santos Silva ● Carlos Farinha Rodrigues ● Eduardo Marçal Grilo ● Eduardo Oliveira Fernandes ● Eugénio Fonseca ● Fernando Medina ● Graça Franco ● Isabel Mota ● José António Pinto Ribeiro ● João Ferrão ● João Leão ● João Lobo Antunes ● João Seixas ● Jorge Vasconcelos ● José Joaquim Gomes Canotilho ● José Manuel Félix Ribeiro ● José Neves Adelino Luísa Schmidt ● Manuel Caldeira Cabral ● Margarida Corrêa de Aguiar ● Marina Costa Lobo ● Mário Centeno ●
Martin Essayan ● Miguel Cadilhe ● Miguel Pina e Cunha ● Nuno Garoupa ● Paulo Trigo Pereira ● Pedro Pita Barros ● Ricardo Costa ● Ricardo Paes Mamede ● Sevinate Pinto Teresa Gouveia ● Tiago Pitta e Cunha ● Viriato Soromenho-Marques

“Keynote papers”: ongoing reflection

This event was the pinnacle of a long process of vibrant reflection, from which several texts – termed “keynote papers” – which have been discussed in the course of several workshops, where specialists in their respective fields, both from academia and practitioners, were able to give their inputs. The results and conclusions from this intense process will be presented during the Conference, and later published in book form. Stay tuned!

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Institutions, public finances, and reform of the state

Chair: Paulo Trigo Pereira

Real economy and sustainable development

Chair: João Leão

Social policy – social security, healthcare, inequalities

Chair: Pedro Pita Barros

Spatial planning and the environment

Chair: João Ferrão

Conference organized by the Gulbenkian Foundation in partnership with IPP

Viriato Soromenho-Marques

Scientific committee:
Viriato Soromenho-Marques (chair)
Paulo Trigo Pereira
Carlos Farinha Rodrigues
Marina Costa Lobo
Pedro Pita Barros
Ricardo Cabral