EUROMOD is the tax-benefit microsimulation model for the European Union, with more than 20 years of existence. It is based on micro-data from the Eurostat’s European Union Statistics on Income Living Conditions (EU-SILC) and the Family Resources Survey for the United Kingdom.

EUROMOD calculates tax liabilities and benefit entitlements for existing tax-benefits systems, estimating the effects on income inequality and poverty, government budgets, and work incentives. It is a widely used tool for comparative research and analysis, that allows analyzing and comparing the effects of tax and social policies, as well as policy reforms, both for the population of each country and for the European Union as a whole. 

EUROMOD is developed and managed by the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) at the University of Essex in collaboration with the national teams of the Member States of the European Union. National teams make available their local knowledge on theirs tax benefit systems and, in many cases, provide the data to be considered about their country. National teams also play an important role contributing to the preparation of the EUROMOD country reports.

Since 2018, the Institute of Public Policy is the official partner of EUROMOD in Portugal.


You can access the latest EUROMOD publication, referring to the 2019 edition below. This refers to the National Report of Portugal concerning the period between 2016-2019, where you can find information on how the Portuguese tax benefit system is modeled on EUROMOD, as well as a system overview and recent changes.

In 2019, the Institute of Public Policy also had the opportunity to participate in the international workshop “The use of administrative data in microsimulation models“, in September (Milan), which was followed by the annual meeting of the project.

Click here to access the full list of publications under the EUROMOD project.

Country Report Portugal 2016-2019

Country Report Portugal 2016-2019 – Portuguese version

Team (Current Edition)

Carlos Farinha Rodrigues

Senior Research Fellow

Vítor Manuel Junqueira

Director of the National Pension Center of the Social Security Institute

Joana Andrade Vicente

Research fellow

David Leite Neves

Research fellow

Currently the Portuguese national team consists of the elements presented. However, over the 20 years of EUROMOD’s existence, the Portuguese team consisted of: José Luís Albuquerque, Rita Peixinho and Rita Figueiras.

In the July 2018 newsletter you can also find an exclusive interview with the Portuguese national team.