Who we are

We are a think tank of academic origin, which acts in a nonpartisan manner, being independent of any economic, social, political, religious or other interests.

We intend to promote a society in which the public debate is more enlightened and the political decision processes more rigorous and informed.

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Policy Paper 15 | How to combine Public Spending with Fiscal Rigour? On the ‘Austerity by Stealth’ of the Costa I government (2015-2019)
September 23, 2020
In the IPP Policy Brief 15: "How to combine Public Spending with Fiscal Rigour? On the "Austerity by Stealth" of the Cos...
Report 8 – Budget Watch: SB 2020 – budgetary rigor and transparency
January 30, 2020
In the context of the 2020 edition of the Budget Watch project, we publish our seventh Report: Budget Watch: SB 2020 – b
Valuing the Role and Effectiveness of Municipal Assemblies: A Standard Regiment
December 10, 2019
The book by Paulo Trigo Pereira (Full Professor at ISEG, U. Lisbon), Ana Fernanda Neves (Assistant Professor at FDUL, U....

What is a think tank?

Organization that investigates and analyzes
Proposes solutions
Communicate results to decision makers
Make results available to the public
Contributes to informed public policy
Seminário IPP | Budget Watch: OE 2020 – Rigor e Transparência Orçamental
Lançamento de Livro | A Valorização do Papel e da Eficácia das Assembleias Municipais: Um Regimento-Tipo
Conferência IPP | Assembleia da República: Um Sistema Eleitoral Proporcional e Personalizado

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