Who we are

We are a think tank of academic origin, which acts in a nonpartisan manner, being independent of any economic, social, political, religious or other interests.

We intend to promote a society in which the public debate is more enlightened and the political decision processes more rigorous and informed.

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Valuing the Role and Effectiveness of Municipal Assemblies: A Standard Regiment
December 10, 2019
The book by Paulo Trigo Pereira (Full Professor at ISEG, U. Lisbon), Ana Fernanda Neves (Assistant Professor at FDUL, U....
Policy Brief 14 | Electronic Voting and elections: A matter of trust
September 30, 2019
IPP Policy Brief 14: "Electronic Voting and Elections: A Matter of Trust" (In portuguese) by Vasco d'Orey states that th...
Policy Brief 13 – Think tanks and their value for public policy
August 2, 2019
The IPP Policy Brief 13, “Think tanks and their value for public policy” (by Anna Llagostera), aims to raise awareness o

What is a think tank?

Organization that investigates and analyzes
Proposes solutions
Communicate results to decision makers
Make results available to the public
Contributes to informed public policy
Seminário IPP | Budget Watch: OE 2020 – Rigor e Transparência Orçamental
Seminário | Progredir em conjunto: A Alemanha e Portugal na Europa
Lançamento de Livro | A Valorização do Papel e da Eficácia das Assembleias Municipais: Um Regimento-Tipo

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