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The Open Budget Survey(OBS) is the only global indicator for measuring and internationally compare transparency, public participation, and oversight of the budgetary procedure. This study, led by the International Budget Partnership, is conducted in a decentralized manner, with a team responsible for analysising the national situation in each of the 102 countries participating in this initiative. In Portugal, this project is hosted by the IPP and the expert team is led by Paulo Trigo Pereira, the IPP president and professor at ISEG.

Open Budget Survey 2015

There is still a long way to go to improve budget transparency in Portugal and in the world, but, on the whole, the landscape is not so negative. Portugal ranked 21st in the world – the same position it held in 2012 – but rose from 62 to 64 points in the score assigned in accordance with the criteria established in the three key areas. In part, this increase is due to the publication of the Citizens Budget (which resulted from an agreement signed between the Ministry of Finance and the IPP, responsible for the technical preparation and monitoring of this initiative) and also for improving the comprehensiveness of the approved budget.

At the global level, although there has been significant progress in many countries, the average result for the transparency of budgetary information remains negative in the universe of 102 countries: 45 points out of 100. Some countries, especially in the Middle East and Africa, continue to show very worrying results. Regarding the public participation in the budget process, flaws are generalised: for example, like Portugal, many European countries have frankly negative results in this chapter.

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Previous editions

The Open Budget Survey 2012 Global Report and Open Budget Index may be found here.

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The team responsible for the Open Budget Survey 2012 in Portugal consisted of Paulo Trigo Pereira (ISEG), Marina Costa Lobo (ICS/UL), both members of the executive board of IPP, and Ana Margarida Craveiro (ICS/UL), IPP associate.