IPP Report 7, Improving the model of recruitment and selection of officers in the Portuguese public administration (in Portuguese), by Paulo Trigo Pereira and Luís Filipe Mota Almeida, intends, in the light of a theoretical reflection that takes into account other experiences and national and international analysis, contextualize the recruitment and selection model of public administration managers in Portugal and the role played by the Recruitment and Selection Commission for Public Administration (CReSAP).

This Report is a contribution to a re-evaluation of CReSAP’s role in the context of the selection of management personnel in the near future and to this end it makes some suggestions for changes which, taking into account the core values ​​of public service, aim to ensure the improvement of a model that after seven years of validity is already in a condition to be evaluated and improved.

Some important solutions seem to be considered and analyzed in this Report, such as the structural distinction between political and technical positions, a change in the model of appointment of the president of CReSAP to strengthen his independence from the Government and to ensure greater consensus on the nominee, the imposition of limits on renewals in middle management positions, the establishment of a (mandatory) maximum period of 90 days for the duration of the replacement of a managerial position or the mandatory publication in the Diário da República of the conclusions contained in the opinions or evaluations prepared by CReSAP and possibly by the Assembleia da República in the context of the recruitment processes with its intervention.

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