Policy Paper 23 | Digital Transition in the Recovery and Resilience Plan: Challenges for Portugal

The Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) is designed to address persistent bottlenecks of the Portuguese economy that impede lasting and sustainable growth, such as low productivity and low levels of education, and an inefficient public administration and justice system, in order to prepare Portugal for the challenges of the coming years. The specific aims of its digital pillar are to improve the digital skills and education of the workforce, enhance the efficiency of the public administration and improve the business environment, promoting research, innovation and the digitalization of firms.
In this paper, we present how the Portuguese RRP is embedded in the larger European strategic and financial framework and presents its governance structure. We describe the different initiatives, contributing to the aim of Digital Transition, how their execution is monitored, and which information
is available to the general public.

You can also access to our presentation (in English) developed in the context of the meeting with the Think Tank Risk of Fraud Financial Resources of the European Union, associated with the Public Ministry, in January 2023.