First Year of Government – Citizens’ consultation

On the occasion of the one-year mandate of the XXI Government, it has taken the initiative to promote a meeting with citizens so as to be able to publicly carry out a balance of what was done and would have to be done, through a set of questions directly addressed to the Prime Minister and members of the Government.

In order to ensure immunity of this consultation exercise, the researcher Marina Costa Lobo (Deputy chairwoman of Institute of Public Policy and Principal Investigator of Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon) was invited to coordinate the work, based on her experience in the Eurobarometer surveys. The guarantee of representativeness of the sample was carried out by a survey company. The discussion was structured according to 4 vectors, based on the concerns expressed by the citizens in the aforementioned survey, namely: Economic Situation, Employment, Welfare State and Citizenship.

Daniel Carolo, senior research fellow at Institute of Public Policy, was one of the invited experts, having been responsible for the Welfare State vector.

To consult the detailed report on the methodology and results of this process (in Portuguese), click here.

In the press, see the article here.

Marina Costa Lobo

Senior Research Fellow

Daniel Carolo

Senior Research Fellow