A sustainable budget strategy for Portugal

A sustainable budget strategy for Portugal, an edition outside the Areté Collection, under the seal of the Institute of Public Policy, develops the study presented in IPP Policy Paper 10 by Paulo Trigo Pereira, Ricardo Cabral, Joana Andrade Vicente and Luís Teles Morais. It identifies the maneuver that Portugal will have over the next five years, and some of the difficult policy options, in the context of a budget strategy considered to be economically, socially and politically sustainable. A guide to understand the budget options to be made, at macro level and in the various areas of State action, in the coming years.

In Portugal, following the budgetary successes of the last two years, the Government presents its budgetary strategy for the country in the Stability Program 2018-2022, which follows an earlier somewhat restrictive and unrealistic. Several professional groups carry out strikes, presenting to the Government demands that pressure an increase in spending. In Europe, the reform of the architecture of Economic and Monetary Union is discussed. It is therefore an opportune time to discuss the country’s fiscal policy.

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