Portuguese Electoral System: Problems and Solutions

In the e-book Portuguese electoral system: problems and solutions, which featured Marina Costa Lobo as coordinator, we wanted to join voices of those who for years intervened in the reform of the electoral system, to do a brief state of the art on the debate around this issue.

With this exercise we intend to contribute to the perception of the distance of positions between the main parties, but also to try to find a common denominator to be presented as a consensual reform – at least from the academic point of view. This e-book is part of Institute Public Policy’s mission, which aims to facilitate the debate on the reform of the Portuguese political system.

The chapters in this e-book are the result of presentations made at an IPP seminar in October 2017 in which we gather experts who generally agree on the introduction of preferential voting, while proposing broader changes to the electoral system as well as politicians who have been interested in the subject in their political activities.

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