Policy paper 12 – Criteria for assessing pension systems

Under the project A pension system for the future (with the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation), we publish here the IPP Policy Paper 12: Criteria for assessing pension systems (in Portuguese), by IPP researchers Daniel Carolo, Luis Teles Morais , and Joana Andrade Vicente.

In this Policy Paper, in order to contribute to a more structured discussion, we present and discuss the three criteria – operationalized in quantitative indicators whenever possible – that emerge from consensus in the literature as essential in the analysis of pension systems and measures for its reform: sustainabilityadequacy and equity.

It is the detailed application of these criteria to the existing studies and proposals that allows to evaluate their merits and gaps in greater detail, being crucial for a rigorous and exempt analysis and debate. These criteria should guide diagnosis and the appreciation and discussion of the reform of the public pension system in Portugal.