Policy Paper 8 – Budget Watch: 2017 IPP-ISEG Budget index results

Our eighth policy paper discusses the results of the analysis of the responsibility of the State Budget proposal for 2017 by the Budget Watch Scientific Advisory Board: IPP-ISEG Budget index.

The IPP-ISEG Budget index results from the analysis of the Portuguese government budget for 2017 by the Budget Watch Scientific Advisory Board, composed of 19 Portuguese economists/scholars. With the support of an analytical report, the members of the Board answered a questionnaire, organized around 10 principles of fiscal responsibility.

This assessment is made in the perspective of rigor, transparency and responsibility. The analysis is intended to be purely technical, independent and objective in the light of best international practices of reporting and the budgetary process. The Budget Watch project also includes an analysis of the business-friendliness of the Budget, which consists of the Deloitte Pro-Business index, to be released shortly.

Download: IPP Policy Paper 8 (Portuguese, PDF).