Valuing the Role and Effectiveness of Municipal Assemblies: A Standard Regiment

The book by Paulo Trigo Pereira (Full Professor at ISEG, U. Lisbon), Ana Fernanda Neves (Assistant Professor at FDUL, U. Lisbon) and Luís Filipe Mota Almeida (Research fellow at IPP), corresponds to the first part of a project between the National Association of Municipal Assemblies (ANAM) and the Institute of Public Policy – Lisbon (IPP)

The aim of this project are the Municipal Assemblies, as deliberative and supervisory bodies of the City Council activity, and their role in the municipal government system. The draft Rules of Procedure presented by the authors in this book seek to match a set of values ​​of local democracy, namely political and public deliberation, transparency, political accountability, citizen participation and respect for the rights of society. It is thus an instrument that is available to, according to the specificities of each Municipality and its priorities, to be able to rethink the Regulations of the Municipal Assemblies, according to the legislation in force.

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