Report 7 – Improving the recruitment and selecting model for managers in the Portuguese Public Adminitration

The quality of public administration depends largely on the quality of its leaders. In this context, and despite all the debate that has existed around an ambiguous concept such as “State reform”, it is unequivocally necessary, but not sufficient of a condition for any reform, to improve the selection and quality of its management personnel.

In this report  (in Portuguese) by Paulo Trigo Pereira and Luís Filipe Mota Almeida, the CReSAP model will be contextualized, in the light of this theoretical reflection, other national and international experiences and analyzes, and a reassessment of its function in the context of the selection of management personnel and finally to present some suggestions of ways that, taking into account the essential values ​​of public service, aim to ensure the improvement of a model that is already in conditions to be evaluated and improved.