Policy Paper 16 | The Digital Markets and Services Acts: Context and Outlook

IPP Policy Brief 16: “The Digital Markets and Services Acts: Context and Outlook” (in English) from Steffen Hoernig (Associate Professor at NOVASBE), was written for IPP webinar – “What will change in European Digital Markets after DMA and DSA?“.

In this paper, the author intended to establish a basis for discussion for the event.

The author begins the paper with the finding that although the digital revolution is transforming economies, it is the very nature of the relationship between companies and their customers that is changing. This involves benefits and risks, and the risks have gained greater visibility in recent years. Through proposals for new laws and regulations of several continents, these risks have been addressed.

This Paper contextualizes two European Union law proposals for the digital markets, DMA (Digital Markets Act) and DSA (Digital Services Act), explaining their objectives and functioning, and summarizing the arguments that were presented for or against their introduction.