The EU’s Data Strategy from a multifaceted perspective. Views from Southern Europe.

The PromethEUs network organised a private event to initiate discussions and exchange of views amongst stakeholders from Southern European countries – Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain – regarding the European Union’s Data Strategy. Stakeholders include representatives from the public administration, academia, private companies, industry associations, and think tanks.

The event was framed within the joint paper that the PromethEUs network was elaborating on the EU Data Strategy from a multifaceted perspective and it has a policy analysis perspective focusing on the following areas:

  • Regulatory and policy aspects: Data Governance Act, Data Act, Open Data Directive, and their interactions with DMA, DSA, Declaration fo Digital Rights and upcoming ePrivacy Regulation.
  • Geopolitical aspects of the EU Data Strategy: EU-US Data Privacy Framework, data sovereignty.
  • The economic impact of data-driven innovation in Europe, including the role of SMEs in the integration of this EU Data Strategy.
  • Specific case applications of this issue into the health sector through the European Health Data Space.

PromethEUs brings together I-Com, Institute for Competitiveness (Italy), the Elcano Royal Institute (Spain), the IPP – Institute of Public Policy (Portugal), and the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research – IOBE (Greece). This private event was specifically led by Elcano Royal Institute.

Click here to read the Joint Publication: “The EU’s Data Strategy from a multifaceted perspective. Views from Southern Europe”