Headwinds and Tailwinds: Navigating Budgets in Turbulent Times – Launch of the Open Budget Survey 2023

The International Budget Partnership will launch its latest Open Budget Survey report – the only independent, comparative, and regular measure of budget transparency and accountability around the world – at a virtual public event. This latest survey marks our largest round ever—with 125 countries assessed. As conversations around climate financing, debt and other key issues loom large, the budget process is an essential space for governments to engage their people in critical decisions they are making around how to raise and spend public money. 

Our launch presents a unique opportunity to showcase key findings from the survey and concrete paths to make budget processes more inclusive and accountable to everyday people. We will feature remarks from leading government reform champions and civil society leaders. Speakers will present their experiences advancing greater accountability in their country’s budget processes and share lessons for others on a path to reform.

We will be providing interpretation in Spanish, French, Arabic and Bahasa.

Register here for the event.