Areté collection

The greek word ARETÉ means excellence, virtue, and refers to the need of each individual to accomplish its end – its essence – in the world. Areté, the book collection of the Institute of Public Policy Thomas Jefferson-Correia da Serra, proposes to make available to the public works in three major areas: Economics, Political Science and Political Philosophy, as well as in other relevant scientific areas such as Law, Sociology, or History. More than merely academic texts, we intend to publish works that have practical relevance to the issues of our time.

The Areté collection results from a partnership between IPP and Almedina. Through this book collection, the Institute of Public Policy hopes to contribute to a broader, freer, and better-informed public debate.

Areté collection and other IPP books:
  • Paulo Trigo Pereira and Viriato S. Marques (coord.): “Afirmar o futuro: políticas públicas para Portugal” (April 2015)
  • Axel Gosseries: “Pensar a justiça entre as gerações” (June 2015)
  • Paulo Trigo Pereira, Rui Dias, Miguel Almeida (ed.): “Autarquias locais: instituições, finanças e políticas públicas num contexto de descentralização” (September 2016)
  • Mancur Olson: “A Lógica da Ação Coletiva” (2018, forthcoming)