Climate Change and Digital Transition 


The aims of sustainable cities and communities (UN Sustainable Development Goal: SDG 11), the decarbonization of the economy and society (SDG 7), and other environmental concerns, cut across different public policy areas that are relevant at national and international levels. Importantly, they are in line with the Green Deal announced by the European Commission. 

In this transition to sustainable development, public policies must play a role either directly through the public administration (e.g. public investment), or indirectly through public incentives (e.g. green taxation, etc.), so that private economic agents’ interests are aligned with this fundamental structural economic and societal change. 

In this area, we address issues related to the green economysustainable cities, financing (public and private), and green taxation, which are closely associated with initiatives under the European Climate Pact. 

We also address the digitization of the economy and society, which is not only related to climate change (reduction of territorial mobility) but also poses new challenges and problems.

In particular, IPP is interested in: analyzing the difficult path towards the idea of European digital sovereignty; verifying whether European and national regulations contribute to citizens’ access and control over their data, protecting their rights, and investigating whether public policies promote competitive and fair support for the development of startups and SMEs in the digital sector. Finally, IPP also will discuss and monitor whether the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan will contribute to the digitalization and competitiveness of the Portuguese economy. 


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Paulo Trigo Pereira

Senior research fellow

Sofia Santos

Senior research fellow

Steffen Hoernig


Tomás Le Terrien Fragoso

Research Assistant