Dialogue on Europe

Dialogue on Europe was an international project led by Das Progressive Zentrum, a think tank based in Berlin, in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. The Institute of Public Policy is the partner in Portugal of this initiative.

Dialogue on Europe aims to foster a transnational dialogue involving a new generation of representative civil society from Portugal, Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Germany, with the intention to bring its recommendations to European decision-makers. By sharing their perspectives and experiences, these young Europeans were expected to take an innovative approach on four key topics: (i) migration and integration, (ii) populism, (iii) social cohesion, and (iv) sustainable growth. The Institute of Public Policy contributed most to the fourth issue, regarding sustainable growth.

Project outputs

The final results were released in March 2018 at a conference in Brussels and were concretized in four policy briefs:

Migration & integration


Social cohesion

Sustainable growth


In Lisbon, in partnership with the Institute of Public Policy, one of 5 #EuropeanTownHall meetings took place in Fábrica Braço de Prata, in March 2016. The event featured a public discussion with Michael Roth (Minister of State for Europe, German Foreign Office) and Margarida Marques (Secretary of State for European Affairs). Previously, there were parallel workshops focusing on the four key topics under review in this project.

Other bilateral meetings took place in Athens, Marseilles, Madrid and Rome, corresponding to the first phase of this project.

Then a conference in Berlin marked the beginning of joint reflection groups, which worked over several months on proposals in those four topics, a collaborative work punctuated by face-to-face work meetings. The first one, the First European Thinking Lab Summit took place in Lisbon, an event hosted by the Institute of Public Policy in November 2016. At the opening of this Summit, with the presence of Dr. Christof Weil (German Ambassador in Lisbon), there was interventions by Marina Costa Lobo (Deputy-Chairwoman of IPP), Luís Mah (ISEG researcher and professor) and Thomas Ossowski (Director for relations with EU member states in the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

In March 2017 took place the second, in Paris, and in September of the same year the third one, in Rome.


Marina Costa Lobo

Senior Research Fellow - Coordinator

Daniel Carolo

Senior Research Fellow

Luís Teles Morais

Research Fellow