Francisco Nunes

Francisco Nunes

Expertise: public finances and good governance, social policy

Francisco Nunes is an assistant professor in the Economics department at ISEG – University of Lisbon. With a Phd in Economics, his research interests include welfare economics, poverty and social inequality, economics and public finance, Portuguese and European social policy and comparative analysis of welfare systems.

He co-authored international articles and magazines, such us Journal of Applied StatisticsJournal of Income DistributionJournal of Socio-Economics.

Francisco is responsible for Economics 1 course, a common class for the undergraduates at ISEG, and has been lecturing the course of Economics and Public Finance. He collaborates as a theses advisor for the Phd students of Development Studies. Francisco is a researcher at UECE (Research Unit on Complexity and Economics) and assisted organizing international conferences.

Francisco is vice-president of the pedagogic board at ISEG.