Governance and Public Finance

In this area, we address the issue of public finance and fiscal policy: we assess the national fiscal strategy by considering principles of sound public finance management and European rules, control of budget implementation and the respective institutional framework. We explore the challenges posed by public debt management and options for reducing the impact or mitigating the risks associated with its service. It also includes the approach of budgetary transparency and public management, including improvements in the scale, scope and timing of publicly available budget information, institutional incentives to improve public scrutiny and participation in the budget process, improvements in the budget process, including evaluation of legislation in this area, as well as reforms of the organization and management of human resources in public administration.





Joana Andrade Vicente

research fellow

Ricardo Cabral

Senior Research Fellow

Luís Teles Morais

Research Fellow

Francesco Franco

Senior Research Fellow

Francisco Nunes

Senior Research Fellow

Joaquim Miranda Sarmento

Senior Research Fellow

José Alves

Senior Research Fellow

Marta Ferro Teixeira

Research Assistant

Paulo Trigo Pereira

Senior Research Fellow