Governing bodies

Governing bodies of the Institute of Public Policy:

  • General Assembly: conducted by a Board composed of a Chairman (João Ferreira do Amaral), a Deputy-Chairman (Joana Vaz Pais) and a Secretary (Elsa Fontainha).
  • Fiscal Council: composed of three members (Jorge Romero Monteiro, David Leite das Neves and João Pedro Castro Mendes).
  • Board: composed of 7 or 9 individual members, one of whom is a Chairman and up to two Deputy-Chairmen.

The term of office of the governing bodies’ members is two years, and may be extended for an additional year, by decision of the General Assembly. The current governing bodies are in force during the biennium 2022-2024.

There is also an additional advisory body, the Scientific and Strategic Council, made up of a set of personalities that, through their knowledge and academic or professional background, can make a particularly relevant contribution to our activities, strategically orienting our research initiatives and intervention in public debate.


The mandate of the members of the governing bodies is two years and may be extended for an additional year, by decision of the General Meeting. The current governing bodies took office in october 2022.

Sofia Serra da Silva


Susana Peralta

Vice President

Ana Correio Moutinho


Maria João Bárrios


Scientific and Strategic Council

Francisca Guedes de Oliveira


Nuno Garoupa


Alexandra Paula Leitão


Fernando Freire de Sousa