Who we are

We are a think tank of academic origin, which acts in a nonpartisan manner, being independent of any economic, social, political, religious or other interests.

We intend to promote a society in which the public debate is more enlightened and the political decision processes more rigorous and informed.

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Policy Brief 15 | The Impact of the RRP in the Digital Area and the National Reform Plan
May 11, 2023
The RRP was designed to respond to an emergency situation, the pandemic of COVID19. Its rapid design and implementation ...
Policy Paper 22 | Political institutes and the quality of democracy
May 11, 2023
The institutes and foundations associated with political parties are a reality in many European countries, with cases, s...
The EU’s Data Strategy from a multifaceted perspective. Views from Southern Europe.
April 19, 2023
The PromethEUs network organises a private event to initiate discussions and exchange of views amongst stakeholders from...

What is a think tank?

Organization that investigates and analyzes
Proposes solutions
Communicate results to decision makers
Make results available to the public
Contributes to informed public policy
PRR: Como Medir O Seu Impacto?
Conference “EMFA. Securing an independent and transparent media sector across Europe”
Que soluções para a sustentabilidade e melhor performance do SNS?”
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