Who we are

We are a think tank of academic origin, which acts in a nonpartisan manner, being independent of any economic, social, political, religious or other interests.

We intend to promote a society in which the public debate is more enlightened and the political decision processes more rigorous and informed.

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Policy Paper 21 | Digital Sovereignty, Europe and the Transatlantic Relationship
December 22, 2022
Digital technologies have become crucial for people, businesses, and public bodies. Their importance and impact are unqu...
What is our full name?
June 15, 2022
Why are Thomas Jefferson and José Correia da Serra’s names associated with the Institute of Public Policy (IPP)?It is a
Seminar | Southern EU Recovery Plans: The Digital Dimension
Seminar | Southern EU Recovery Plans: The Digital Dimension
May 18, 2022
 Hybrid Event, at ISEG and via zoom.The Institute of Public Policy – Lisbon is pleased to announce the Seminar “Southern

What is a think tank?

Organization that investigates and analyzes
Proposes solutions
Communicate results to decision makers
Make results available to the public
Contributes to informed public policy
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Conference “EMFA. Securing an independent and transparent media sector across Europe”
Que soluções para a sustentabilidade e melhor performance do SNS?”
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