Luís Filipe Mota Almeida

Luís Filipe Mota Almeida

Expertise: public finances and good governance, democracy and accountability

Luís has a Bachelor degree in Administrative Law by Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa (FDUL), where he won the FDUL/CVG award accredited to the best master student at FDUL (2015/2016).

He is the author of several scientific articles in the field of administrative law, local law, public service law, contractual law and administrative procedural law, and has been speaker at conferences on the subject of Local Municipalities.

Luís´s master thesis titled “The Statue of the right of Opposition in Local Municipalities”, will be published as a book by the Association of Studies of Regional and Local Law throughout this year.

He has participated in the Institute of Public Policy´s monthly column in the Portuguese newspaper “Público” and currently participates in the project “Green Paper for the reform of municipal democracy and appreciation of the role of municipal assemblies” (developed following the protocol signed with the National Association of Municipal Assemblies).