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The Institute of Public Policy has permanently opened a call for papers, and any interested author may submit a text for publication in our regular series. All proposals, as long as adhering to IPP general principles and guidelines for publication (below) will be quickly analyzed by our publications coordination team. To submit a text, please send us an email to

Master´s Dissertation

IPP expand this initiative to include Master Dissertations. These which must be within our scope of research, will be adapted into a policy paper, policy brief or report, in order to broaden the space for public debate of the publication with papers which may have important implications for public policies.

The idea is to adapt the work to the desired format, to introduce changes and updates (if necessary) and to publish your work as an IPP publication, disseminating close to the public opinion and political actors in a more focused and user-friendly version.


Policy paper: Maximum 75,000 characters with spaces

They may fall on a specific problem or on a more general theme. A policy paper is not an academic paper, so it must have a clear and accessible language, without prejudice to the correct application of any relevant concepts, which can, where necessary, be explained in the document itself. Whenever relevant, they may contain data processed in an original way. This should be as much as possible “self-contained” so as not to hamper its easy dissemination and sharing. The article should highlight clearly and explicitly policy recommendations and/or a structured analysis of policies previously introduced. They will have to follow the usual formal requirements, above all, the inclusion of a complete bibliography.

Policy brief: between 10,000 and 25,000 characters with spaces

They must “target” a particular problem in a focused way – it will be the most appropriate place to mark a quick position in the public debate on a given issue. They must have a very clear and accessible language, without prejudice to correctly apply any relevant concepts, whose explanation may possibly be referred to other source (provided that they are available free of charge online), so as not to prejudice the conciseness of the paper, which must also be taken into account in the very construction of the body of the text. It should not include index, and the space for bibliography should be reduced (no more than 5, 6 references). Some briefs may then be developed in a policy paper format.

Report: no character limit

They support public policy debate with longer, elaborate work, including detailed and comprehensive empirical analysis. They explore a particular topic in depth, considering all phases of the policy problem in question, from its conceptualization to implementation. In addition, the same guidelines of policy papers apply.

Working paper: no character limit

This space will serve only to allow publication through the Institute of Public Policy of academic works, in any way similar to any other series of working papers. Published in English.

Authors who are interested in collaborating with IPP with a publication will have access to IPP formatting guides after initial contact.