Open Budget Survey


The Open Budget Survey(OBS) is the only global indicator for measuring and internationally compare transparency, public participation, and oversight of the budgetary procedure. This study, led by the International Budget Partnership, is conducted in a decentralized manner, with a team responsible for analysising the national situation in each of the 102 countries participating in this initiative. The Institute of Public Policy is the Portuguese partner.

Open Budget Survey 2017

Transparency (Open Budget Index) 66/100

Portugal provides the public with substantial budget information.

Public Participation 15/100

The government of Portugal provides few opportunities for the public to engage in the budget process.

Role of budget oversight by the legislature and supreme audit institution 72/100

The legislature and supreme audit institution in Portugal provide adequate oversight of the budget.

Global report

        Global report (PDF download)

Executive summary (PDF download)

Results for Portugal

Country summary (PDF download – in Portuguese)

Complete assessment (PDF download – in English)

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