IPP has the goal of improving public policy and the public debate in Portugal. In order to fulfill its mission it counts on the support of individual members, from national academia and civil society.

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  • Exclusive reception of IPP newsletters
  • Engaging in mutually beneficial projects
  • Access to a preferential channel for submitting proposals of new publications
  • Special benefits in accessing IPP events (such as free registration in certain conferences)
  • Custom treatment and availability at IPP Office Hours
  • Be a pioneer supporter of an innovative project
  • A chance for institutions and firms that seek to support a project that is guaranteedly free and independent in the realm of public policy

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IPP welcomes the support of institutions and firms that hope to contribute to an independent project within the field of public policy. Contact us for more information.

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To become a member of IPP TJ-CS, whether individually or collectively, support one of our projects (mais informações em Research), or somehow contribute to the IPP TJ-CS mission, please fill out the following form:

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