Paulo Trigo Pereira

Paulo Trigo Pereira


Expertise: public finances and good governance, democracy and accountability

Paulo Trigo Pereira (PhD Economics, Leicester UK), is Full Professor of Public and Welfare Economics at ISEG/University of Lisbon. 

He coordinates the Master of Economics and  Public Policy, and has been teaching Public Finance, Institutional Economics and Law and Economics at ISEG University of Lisbon). Author of several  books on Portuguese Public Finance and Institutional Economics and research papers in public choice, social choice and electoral studies. He has been visiting researcher at several universities: UvA (Netherlands), Leicester and London School of Economics (UK), Turku  (Finland) New York and Yale Universities (USA). 

He was Member of the Portuguese Parliament (2015-19). Vice-Chair of the Budget, Finance and Administrative Modernization Committee, a member of the European Affairs Committee and the Eventual Committee for Enhancing Transparency in the Exercise of Public Functions. He has been member of several working groups: on the revison of the Budget Framework Law, the working group of Personal Income Tax and Parenthood and the Public Debt working group.

He leads civil society projects on Budget Transparency in Portugal (the “Open Budget Survey” and “Budget Watch”), and has  a regular presence in the Portuguese media (now writing in online newspaper  Observador).