Policy briefs

The Institute of Public Policy policy briefs take a clear stance regarding a specific topic that is publicly debated. They use clear and accessible language, without jeopardising conceptual precision.

Policy Brief nº13

Think tanks and their value for public policy

Policy Brief nº14

Electronic voting and elections: a matter of trust

Policy Brief nº9

How much does a self-employed worker need to earn the minimum wage in Portugal?

Policy Brief nº10

Repair and Prepare: Growth and the Euro after Brexit – a comment

Policy Brief nº11

Reform of the euro area: a Portuguese comment on a Franco-German proposal

Policy Brief nº12

Assessing Budget Credibility: the case of public investment in Portugal

Policy Brief nº5

The need for a strategy for social cohesion and equality

Policy Brief nº6

How to mainstream the valorization of the territory?

Policy Brief nº7

The three dimensions of macroeconomic unbalances

Policy Brief nº8

Internal and external rebalancing for Euro area members

Policy Brief nº1

Structural, extraordinary… strange?

Policy Brief nº2

Budget Watch: what transparency and rigor in the State Budgets?

Policy Brief nº3

A reform of Public Administration focused on managing

Policy Brief nº4

Reform and qualification program: a case of priorities exchanged