Policy Papers

Whether it is a specific problem or a more general issue, Institute of Public Policy policy papers analyze a particular issue in public debate in a well-grounded but directed way. They are accessible and concise, and can still contain data that has been worked on in an original way.

Policy Paper nº13

The public and political debate on pensions in Portugal

Policy Paper nº14

The European labyrinth of budgetary rules and the Medium Term Objective

Policy Paper nº15

Anti-Austerity and pro-EU? Strategies of the Portuguese Socialist Party to square the circle

Policy Paper nº16

The Digital Markets and Services Acts: Context and Outlook

Policy Paper nº9

Lessons for the Euro from early US monetary and financial history

Policy Paper nº10

Fiscal strategies 2017-2021: policy options

Policy Paper nº11

The current public pension system in Portugal

Policy Paper nº12

Criteria for assessing pension systems

Policy Paper nº5

Internal devaluation and unemployment: the case of Portugal

Policy Paper nº6

The introduction of preferential voting in Portugal: an electoral experience

Policy Paper nº7

Budget Watch: 2016 IPP-ISEG Budget index results

Policy Paper nº8

Budget Watch: 2017 IPP-ISEG Budget index results

Policy Paper nº1

Portugal: Budget strategy for 2014-18

Policy Paper nº2

Scenarios for the restructuring of Portuguese debt

Policy Paper nº3

Returns to vocational education

Policy Paper nº4

The (output) gaps in the SGP