Event “Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities, Risks and Regulation” October 2, 2023. 17h – 19h WEST (18h – 20h CET) ISEG, Lisbon. Room: Quelhas 202

PromethEUs is an independent network of four Southern-European think tanks active in their respective countries and at EU level in the fields of economic, business and geopolitical research.

Its mission is to constructively contribute to the current European policy debate on the digital revolution by providing a perspective from Southern Europe. PromethEUs aims at being engaged in the debate surrounding the EU Institutions’ digital agenda, with a special focus on SMEs and citizens’ and employees’ skills.

The PromethEUs network organised a public event to initiate discussions and exchanges of views amongst stakeholders from Southern European countries – Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain – regarding the European Union’s upcoming AI Act. Stakeholders include representatives from the public administration, academia, private companies, industry associations, and think tanks.

The event was based on a joint paper that the PromethEUs network was elaborating on the EU AI Act from a multifaceted perspective, focusing on the following areas:

  • Regulatory and policy aspects
  • Geopolitical aspects
  • The impact of generative AI
  • AI Readiness and the Economic Potential: Focus on the Southern EU

PromethEUs brings together I-Com, Institute for Competitiveness (Italy), the Elcano Royal Institute (Spain), the IPP – Institute of Public Policy (Portugal), and the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research – IOBE (Greece). This event is specifically led by the Institute of Public Policy.