Support our work

The Institute of Public Policy-Lisbon is a non-profit organization, and therefore depends on project funding and other types of contributions from our members.

To make a mark as a notable Think Tank based in Portugal, capable of having an active voice in the public debate, the contribution and support from members is essential.

With their unconditional support we can place ourselves as expert analysts of national and European public policies and contribute effectively with democratic answers to today’s problems. For this mission to be successful, we need to establish a constant and close relationship with our members, allowing us to enforce our presence by valuing theirs.

Support us in this mission! You can contribute in three different ways: as an individual member, as an institutional member or through a donation.


  1. Exclusive member-only newsletters;
  2. Supporting an innovative and independent project within the public policy field;
  3. Participation in mutual beneficial projects;
  4. Privileged access to submit projects and publications; and
  5. Benefits in the access conditions of our events (e.g. free entry).

Individual Members

To sign-up as an individual member of the Institute of Public Policy, all you need to do is fill in the form below and send us an email to with a photograph and a copy of the receipt of transfer from the first annual affiliation fee (IBAN: PT50.0010.0000.4974.6470.0014.9).

Currently the affiliation fees are:

  • Normal fee: 30€ / year
  • Reduced fee (students): 15€ /year


Institutional members

To sign-up your institution or company as an institutional member of the Institute of Public Policy-Lisbon, all you need to do is send us an email to with your name, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and phone number.

After this, for us to validate your membership, it is necessary to pay the first annual affiliation fee (IBAN: PT50.0010.0000.4974.6470.0014.9), sending us afterwards the receipt of transfer. Currently the affiliation fee is:

  • Fee: 1,000€ /year


For a donation to the Institute of Public Policy-Lisbon, you only need to make a transfer to IBAN: PT50.0010.0000.4974.6470.0014.9, sending us afterwards the receipt, with your name and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to