The Budgetary Support Technical Unit of the Parliament (UTAO) dedicates a section (pp.101-107) of its analysis of the State Budget 2015 (Parecer Técnico n.º 4/2014, disponível online), to matters of budgetary transparency. In this chapter, it presents Portugal’s evolution in this sphere and highlights the main additions predicted for the 2015 budget.

Accordingly, it references two IPP projects: Portuguese participation in the Open Budget Survey (see pp. 101 e 102) and Budget Watch (see p. 103). In both cases it presents the main conclusions of the reports (OBS 2012 e BW 2014) and uses them alongside a recent IMF report to make recommendations for the government.

Next week we will publish the findings of the 2015 Budget Watch. This will be the sixth edition of the initiative, which will feature a critical analysis of the OE2015 proposal with respect to budgetary transparency.

See here the UTAO reference to Budget Watch(click to access the full document):




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